That New Car Smell, But It’s A Website

Look at that. It’s all sparkly and smells brand new. It’s such a great feeling and sense to have! What am I writing about? The brand new, fresh on the server website for us truly: Bull & Company. It took longer than expected, but for a good reason: we were taking care of client’s sites & projects. There was all the same nervousness and flurry of activity to launch it as we do for all of our clients. We find this very interesting since we do this all day, every day. We love it!

Now what? Just like you, each of our client’s and perspective clients, a new site works better, looks better, but it has to be maintained. You have to write blog posts if you have blogs. Post new images, new staff, new services, what have you. WordPress has to be updates as does the WordPress plugins that are installed on your site. The website needs site security to keep out the baddies. The website also needs backups. Pro tip: those backups should NOT be saved in the same place where your website resides. We learned that the hard way with one of our clients that had the technology side of their site (hosting) being done by someone else and not us. The website was somehow deleted which means that the backups were also deleted. Deleting a client’s site and backups is not something you want to tell a client! I digress. So much to do. The good news is, we do a lot or all of what I just listed for our clients. It’s up to them how much or how little they want us to do.

Here’s the thing. Like a new car or a new pair of shoes they are only going to last so long. A new website is similar; even with proper maintenance. A new website is no longer a new website and much like a car it may not even function properly after a few years. Technology and browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) change all the time. Something that once worked may not work any longer. A good example is flash. It used to be on everything! A few years back Apple took the first strike at it by stating wouldn’t support it anymore on the iPhone and iPad. Others followed to the point that most flash won’t even load in browsers on computers, smartphones and tablets.

A new site, like a new car is exciting! Take care of it, add the things that should be added, but know at some point you’ll get to go through this process all over again just as we will.